Founded in 2012, The Aztechs began as a group of 10 sophomore students, a parent mentor, and a physics teacher at Alameda Science and Technology Institute (ASTI). It was the first foray into the world of FIRST for everyone involved, and with the help of Team 115, MVRT, The Aztechs managed to field what amounted to a basic chassis. Slightly discouraged, the team wondered how they could keep up. Competition was different than expected, the team met amazing people (students and mentors alike), had fun, and learned that in FIRST, just about everyone is ready to lend a helping hand. That first year the team received The Rookie Inspiration Award from the judges at the Silicon Valley Regional, for being an example of the spirit of FIRST: persistence, good humor, and a consistently working robot.


Since then, the team has grown considerably, as well as moved from their home at ASTI, to their current home at Wood. The original team members have graduated, some moving into mentorship roles, and others pursuing degrees in things like engineering and anthropology.


Looking to the future, The Aztechs hope to continue to improve both their community outreach programs, and performance in competition. Houston here we come!

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